Why use our facial oils and which one should you choose?

Our facial oils are a mixture of high quality natural oils that will
easily absorb into your skin, they will not make your skin look oily but
will sink straight in giving you a healthy glow that will nurture and
rejuvenate any skin type. Our facial oils are a mix of camilia, argan,
rose hip, jojoba, vitamin E & calendula oils with essential oils and boosted
with either CoQ10 or Vitamin C.

Which one should you choose? 

Vitamin C facial Oil with jasmine

There are many benefits of vitamin C. Vit C in a facial oil will hydrate
+ brighten your skin, reduce the appearance of under eye circles,
promote collagen production, prevent skin sagging through the promotion
of skin elasticity and protects against sun damage. This facial oil has
the added benefits of Jasmine oil which is gentle for sensitive skin,
has anti-inflammatory benefits,  will hydrate your skin while healing
dry, itchy skin and has the added benefit of anti-aging qualities.

CoQ10 Facial Oil
with rose absolute & neroli

The CoQ10 in our facial oil is full of antioxidants that will protect
your skin & help your skin retain moisture, it will even out your skin
tone, reduce sun damage, has anti-aging abilities and it helps reduce
dullness and tightens up the skin to give you a youthful glow! The added
benefits of Rose absolute gives incredibly deep moisturising properties,
while protecting your skin against UV damage which means it delays the
appearance of wrinkles. With the added bonus of neroli to  regenerate
your skin, while also having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
benefits which is useful to treat pimples and red skin.

Why use a rose quartz facial roller?
An added plus when using the Facial Oils

Rose quartz crystal is the stone of love so that means self love, the
ultimate nurturing stone. It is believed to remove emotional stress and
open the heart so it feels like the right stone to use on your face.

Using a facial roller will help remove toxins, reduce inflammation,
lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and brighten skin tone
by increasing lymphatic drainage.

Always massage your facial oil into your skin for at least a minute,
this promotes elasticity and a healthy glow. You can use our facial
roller or your finger tips to do this.

Use a facial roller with one of our facial oils to give your skin the
ultimate nurturing experience!


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Thank you for reading and we hope that this information helps you choose the right facial oil for your skin type! 

Tilly x