I know we have all said "oh I didn’t sleep well last night" or "I can’t remember when I last had a good nights sleep". I know I'm always saying this! that's why I was like... heck I’m making a sleep range so I can drown myself in all things sleep and hope one of them helps!!!

Well geez did this attitude work, throw as many things at a problem and what could go wrong??? Well absolutely nothing, except some hectic nights of drooling on my pillow and waking up going did I actually not move all night?!? Now don’t get me wrong, some nights I still lie there looking at my ceiling counting sheep, get out of bed to do some squats and lunges thinking this will make me tired, then look at my phone wondering how two hours had passed and I’m still awake. But I am now having more nights of deep sleep then I ever had before.

I am so passionate about this whole sleep predicament that I made a whole lot of products and tested the shit out of all of them and I’m not saying they all will work for you but some may and if you are like me, why would you not try them? Anything really to stop squatting at 11pm and stalking around the house watching your loved ones sleep like a creep, am I right?

Now what worked for me is to create a routine, our body loves routines. It thinks hell yeah lets have that tea, oh now we are having that bath, oh here comes that foot massage, are you kidding I love when we rub these essential oils all over my chest and wrists, oh please don’t forget that lavender pillow spray. Like come on, reading that, aren’t you ready for bed? Because let me tell you your body will be all over it! So I'm going to give you an idea of the products you can use, the other little tricks I use and then hell make up your own sleep routine and give it a go!


Products, tips and tricks for a good nights sleep

  1. Sleep Easy perfume. Roll it everywhere…wrists, chest, I even hold it under my nose and take a deep breath in. The essential oils will calm you ready for a deep sleep.
  2. Peace and Calm balm. I use it to massage into my feet, legs, arms, neck and shoulders to calm my muscles after a long day.
  3. Sleep tea. Drink an hour before bed to start your night time routine and get your brain and body to start to relax.
  4. Lavender pillow + room spray. Around your bed and on your pillow, as we all know lavender is great for calming one's mind.
  5. Sleep Bath Salts. Our lavender Epsom bath salts. I really don’t have to explain this too much as we all know how much a bath help us sleep but with lavender and Epsom salts combined just makes this a no brainer.
  6. Sleep easy essential oil blend. Use this essential oil in a essential oil diffuser,  set up an hour before bed so that your room is filled with the scent.


My tips and tricks...

  1. Eat 100% cocoa chocolate. It tastes gross but geez does it help me sleep
  2. Get night time magnesium. I use the Bioceuticals one.
  3. Listen to sleep sounds on Spotify, the peaceful sounds shut off my mind from thinking of all my to do lists!
  4. Stretch, foam roll, do some yoga. My muscles are always so tight after my day of activities so my body loves a good stretch.
  5. Have a piece of paper by your bed, anything that you think of while your trying to get to sleep write down. Then you can forget about it till tomorrow and just quiet your mind.


So  give some of these products, tips and tricks a go and all I can say is make your own routine. Some of these things might not suit you but some will really help. So what are you waiting for? Lets get our sleep on!